Friday 28 September 2012

Abchat Weekly Wrap Up: Brush up on your British History

Following in the footsteps of his old Eton and Bullingdon Club pal, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister appeared on the David Letterman Show in the United States. Whilst Boris got off lightly with a few light hearted comments in regard to his immaculately scruffy hair do, the leader of the Coalition government suffered a more gruelling evening on the famous couch by being tested on British history.

The Metro published the 20 questions today for the British public to compare their knowledge to the PM’s; have a go below:

1. In what year did the Roman occupation of Britain begin?
2. Alfred the Great was ruler of which kingdom?
3. In what year was the Battle of Agincourt?
4. The Charge of the Light Brigade took place during which conflict?
5. In which year were women in Britain first granted the right to vote in parliamentary elections?
6. Who was Britain’s longest serving monarch?
7. Which king did the Gunpowder plotters hope to assassinate?
8. Wat Tyler was one of the leaders of which uprising?
9. In which present-day country is Waterloo (scene of the famous battle) located?
10. Who was Britain’s prime minister at the start of the Second World War?
11. Where was Thomas Becket killed?
12. Who was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe?
13. When was the battle of Bosworth?
14. Who was Henry VIII’s first wife?
15. Who was the last Tudor monarch of England?
16. In which year was Charles I executed?
17. How many 18th Century British monarchs were named George?
18. When did 13 of Britain’s American colonies declare themselves independent?
19. In what year was the Great Exhibition?
20. When was the National Health Service introduced?


  • Diageo look towards the emerging markets once again, with rumours of them looking to buying a stake in India’s United Spirits
  • Libor faces complete reform as Martin Wheatley submits his proposals. Overhaul recommendations include criminal prosecutions for manipulators and a requirement to provide relevant trade data to prove rates

  • At the Lib Dem conference, Nick Clegg challenges public spending suggesting it is threatening to undermine the country’s economic prosperity. He is also fighting Tories once again for the addition of a ‘Mansion Tax’

  • Vince Cable announces £1bn backing for a British business bank to help small- and medium-sized enterprises

  • Stockwatch: FTSE 100: The protests in Greek and Spain drove Britain’s top stock index to its biggest one-day fall in over two months, closing on Wednesday at three-week low amid the Spanish and Greek protests

  • Stockwatch: Shanks Group, the waste management group, saw share pries plunge 17pc after profit warning announcement. However, the emphasis on the robust nature of their other business units, the Telegraph’s Questor still says buy for medium-term growth

  • Ahead of our upcoming China trips, Bozzy attended the CBBC’s China Association Autumn lunch, with guest speaker Lord Patten, who spoke on the topic of A New World Balance

  • The Cleantech team attended Green in the City’s “Expert Forum on Challenges facing UK independent renewable generators” evening and Cleantech Investor’s “Investing in Fuel Cells, the resurgence” conference, where our client Acta presented

  • Our Life Sciences ladies went to Biotech Babes’ Californian wine tasting evening, hosted by Covington and Burling and supporting Dress for Success

  • Other events Abchaps attended great events this week include Bloomberg’s “Financing the Mining Industry in Challenging Times” evening and Gresham PE’s cocktail party

  • We also hosted two excellent Market Lunches this week, with one focused on Natural Resources

  • Graduate Abchaps attended two days of excellent PR training with the team at FinanceTalking - now expert with results statements, annual reports and company valuation!

Few of our City contacts have been moving around this week although Deloitte has appointed David Hodgson a healthcare and life sciences partner in its enterprise risk division. In a similar vein (sorry!) we were pleased to see speciality pharmaceutical company Clinigen make the move to AIM this week, brought to the market by Numis’ healthcare team.

Again in honour of Marte who is here on secondment from our Norwegian IPREX partner, Consilio…. “Selskap” = company

Beer up at London Oktoberfest which is on all weekend @ Kennington Park.
Watch the outdoor screening of West Side Story tonight for free at the Scoop – your last chance of the year!

This weekend is your last chance to catch the free Wild Planet exhibition at the Natural History Museum

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