Thursday, 31 December 2009

All I want for 2010: A view from an expert

Re-published with kind permission from AimZine

AIM is ending a tough year on a higher note, but it remains a challenging environment for investors and advisers. 2009 has been an evolutionary year. The ‘fittest’ AIM companies have survived in a year that saw over 250 companies leave the market. As 2009 draws to a close, it is heartening to see that the rate of those leaving the market appears to be slowing.

For advisers, the most coveted present under the financial Christmas tree remains the IPO. They were frustratingly elusive in 2009, which from a capital raising perspective, was dominated by secondary placings and rights issues. But the broader investment and advisory markets must be buoyed by the recent Gartmore and Better Capital IPOs. The simple concept that investors are now ready to invest in fund management and turnaround businesses is itself a meaningful statement and we hope a signs of things to come. All we want for 2010 is for this sentiment to continue permeating throughout the markets.


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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Crisis Comms: Winning back Tiger's stripes

What would I do if I was Tiger's PR?  Like a tiger - he needs to lie low. Tigers prowl subtly and with success and this one has been exposed in broad daylight. He has made a fool of himself, arguably ruined his marriage and from a commercial perspective his brand has been badly damaged. With key sponsors leaving him quicker than his well hit Nike ball off the tee, he needs to think and plan a ‘long game’.

What would I advise Tiger do to win back his stripes?

1. Tiger should speak to no one for 12 months (though sadly this will not include his wife’s lawyers). Whatever he says will sound contrived and just get bulldozed now.

2. Play no golf for 12 months

3. Regain the sporting respect - return to golf in 2011 and win the US and British opens, proving he is the best golfer in the world

4. Give one interview to Vanity Fair magazine which has the biggest audience in the world (though the man in me is tempted to say Playboy)

5. Watch the sponsors roll back in



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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Murdoch’s Mexican stand off

A couple of weeks ago, the Financial Times reported that Rupert Murdoch wanted to shut Google out of his news sites, and people sat up and took notice. Murdoch decided that he would rather exclusively allow Microsoft’s Bing search engine to search his publications like the Times and WSJ. He could lose about 25% of his traffic but snap up a payment from Microsoft in the process, which is busily trying to buy Bing a place in the search market.

This is big news for journalism and if others follow suit (News Corp is certainly rallying the troops) it could change the way that we use the internet to gather information. If Bing became the only, or even best place to find quality reporting, it could for the first time be a real threat to Google’s stronghold. But what interested me is the fact that this story was reported in TechCrunch blog two weeks before; it just took coverage in the Financial Times for people to start paying attention.

TechCrunch is one of the most respected technology blogs on the net, and if nothing else, Robert Peston has shown the power of blogging over the past year so it is disappointing that the story wasn’t picked up earlier. Perhaps we still have a way to go before the power of the blogosphere can compete with mainstream media.


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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Abchurch is sky high!

The Abchaps are pleased to announce we have moved into new offices at 125 Old Broad Street!

Nick and I had our cameras to hand to record the momentous occasion.

We've already started to enjoy the panoramic views of London from our unique 16th floor 'Skybar' which is the perfect setting for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea.
We also have possibly the coolest reception chairs in London. See Nick below, um, literally shooting the lights out:

With (purple) flooring made from sustainable rubber, Boydie (chief Ab-mover?!) has aimed to make the office environmentally friendly, making the most of natural light and sustainable materials. This has kept our green team happy!

We've also had a photoshoot which has provided some funky shots for our new website which will be online in a few short days. In the meantime, enjoy the view!