Thursday 17 December 2009

Crisis Comms: Winning back Tiger's stripes

What would I do if I was Tiger's PR?  Like a tiger - he needs to lie low. Tigers prowl subtly and with success and this one has been exposed in broad daylight. He has made a fool of himself, arguably ruined his marriage and from a commercial perspective his brand has been badly damaged. With key sponsors leaving him quicker than his well hit Nike ball off the tee, he needs to think and plan a ‘long game’.

What would I advise Tiger do to win back his stripes?

1. Tiger should speak to no one for 12 months (though sadly this will not include his wife’s lawyers). Whatever he says will sound contrived and just get bulldozed now.

2. Play no golf for 12 months

3. Regain the sporting respect - return to golf in 2011 and win the US and British opens, proving he is the best golfer in the world

4. Give one interview to Vanity Fair magazine which has the biggest audience in the world (though the man in me is tempted to say Playboy)

5. Watch the sponsors roll back in



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