Thursday 28 May 2009

Heather's IPREX Diary: Bloomberg

This was my first experience at a Global IPREX conference and it was fantastic to meet the others. All exude high professionalism, proactivity and fun which resulted in a vibrant three days in New York.

Hosted by Makovsky, we took in the great sights of Bloomberg. The photograph depicts a wall of silhouettes, people with the same round heads and different clothes and stances. We are told by the guide that this represents the indoctrinated culture of Bloomberg, while each person retains their own individuality. During the tour of this phenomenal and highly lucrative private business, every corner showcased art, whether it was a cumulus cloud hanging from the ceiling or a spiral sofa or ornate fish tanks separating meeting rooms. It was a feast for the corporate eyes and what was most telling was the employees’ vast enthusiasm for the Group and the ease with which each person adopted the strict but innovative culture.

Serious discussion got under way with the three most senior editors and business management at Bloomberg. The main message was Speed and, internally, to know who is reachable and who is doing what. They receive a staggering 5,000 stories a day and it could be the Asian desk, the UK desk or the US desk picking up a story at any one time. Instead of focusing on geographic importance, the place is split into sectors and you could get a response from the tech guy in Asia as easily as the tech person in US. Social media was a big discussion with Bloomberg insisting it IS a social media. The trend means that things are not so much “off the record”, more “hope no one blogs this”!

Bloomberg customers are among the wealthiest and most prominent in the world ensuring that Bloomberg delivers real time news that moves markets.


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