Friday 12 April 2013

Abchat Weekly Wrap Up: Trumpingdown the haters

Margaret Thatcher’s death has certainly provoked some controversy in Britain this week with the emergence of “death parties” popping up in some parts of the country. Sure Thatcher had enough enemies, but when looking at the profile of most of these party goers, they were probably not even a dirty thought during Thatcher’s premiership. If anything their parents would have felt the full force of the Thatcher government’s policies, not them. Social media can yet again take credit for the latest spout of ‘civil unrest’ with death parties being publicised on Facebook and Twitter. Attendance to these events was in actual fact modest (a credit to the British people) however the coverage the parties have gained is pretty extensive – a questionable bit of PR from the anti-Thatcher brigade as they have received (quite rightly) virtual universal condemnation from the political left. The haters have done themselves more harm than good with these parties.

Us Brits are often noted internationally for having a stupendous sense of humour, and frequently we buy a music record in order to make a comedic protest statement with the end goal of getting a record to Number One in the singles chart. The latest protest song is Ding Dong The Witch is Dead from the Wizard of Oz and is on course to be Number One – a movement which started on Facebook. Politicians are now debating as to whether the BBC should play the track. If you were to take the Trumpington view, it should not get any air time, however even the most right wing and Thatcher supporting politicians, such as UKIP leader Nigel Farage have said the song should be aired as a matter of free speech. Prime Minister, David Cameron said that whilst he personally viewed it as distasteful, it was a matter for the BBC to decide upon, not politicians.

Abchaps took part in a fundraiser brainstorm for international development charity VSO; and also attended Allenby Capital's whisky tasting event at Albannach in Trafalgar Square.

Ex-FSA advisor Jeremy Bennett is to head the European division of the Japanese Bank Nomura. The move supports the City’s recent shift to appointing more senior roles with those of regulatory experience

JP Morgan Asset Management have appointed Simon Crinage as head of its Investment trust business, replacing David Barron following his departure earlier in the year

Mike Johnson has been appointed as the new Chairman at Alecto Minerals, the AIM-listed exploration and development company. Mr Johnson’s extensive experience includes sitting on the boards of Columbus Copper, African Mining and Exploration and Antractor Mining.

Sylvia Auton, Chief Executive of IPC Media announced her retirement from the company after a 36 year career with the publishing Group.

Publishing giant Reed Elsevier acquires London-based academic social network site Mendeley for £45m in a bid to build its business and position in digital media

'Neoliberalism' - the politics of conservative people who support a laissez faire economy and limited government intervention, whilst upholding the traditions society was built upon. The expression really sprung to prominence to describe the politics of the late President Ronald Reagan and late PM Margaret Thatcher. This represented a significant shift in the mind set of conservatives who rejected the traditional all interfering Government and One Nationism in favour of more liberal economic and political policies whilst upholding the status quo.

We look to the emerging markets this week which provide much inspiration: Russian creative genius Veronika Olkhova is showcasing her debut British solo exhibition at Baku Knightsbridge from now until the 19th April. The exhibition will highlight her paintings, silks and more.

The Asia House Fair kicks off in a beautiful grade II listed building in Marylebone today and is on for the duration of the weekend. The building will be transformed into a magical marketplace, with over 35 exhibitors from China to Afghanistan, India and Turkey presenting beautiful textiles, clothes, furniture, homeware and jewellery. Entry is free.

We round off our Emerging Markets focus with a Mexican treat in the form of ‘Death by Burrito’ , contemporary Mexican Street Food in the heart of Shoreditch, where The Rebel Dining Society are on a residency at Catch.

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