Thursday 22 November 2012

Is online media killing traditional journalism?

The idea that online media is killing traditional journalism is a concept strongly denied by Damian Wild, editor of the Estates Gazette. At yesterday’s Gorkana Breakfast Briefing, he explained that there is still money to be made in journalism, albeit with a few adaptations to their approach.
The Estates Gazette is a weekly business magazine published for the UK commercial property market. Like other traditional media providers, the circulation of its print edition is down, having peaked in 2007 at 28,000, it has been shrinking significantly and stands at just 19,000 today. Meanwhile, the Estates Gazette has adopted a subscription-based online news service, an approach which has failed for other news providers. So why is Wild so positive about the future of Estates Gazette?
Wild’s approach has been to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy audience. The introduction of its iPad app has clearly been a hit with the Estates Gazette’s readers, since its digital readership is growing. Not only does the app allow readers to access content within hours of going to press rather than days, it also offers a more interactive approach. The online edition of the Estates Gazette has videos, podcasts, and offers opportunities for readers to express their views – and it seems that the Estates Gazette’s readers are prepared to pay for these services. Wild also described how this year the Estates Gazette hosted a live webinar from Cannes using the company iPad.
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It seems, therefore, that through innovative ideas and working with online media, rather than in competition with it, traditional journalism does still have a place in the current market.

Alongside the advertisements of plush properties which appear in the its print editions, perhaps the Estates Gazette should consider selling Apple some advertising space in the weeks leading up to Christmas - a few more iPads under the tree on Christmas day might actually boost their business – not kill it.

Alice Prentice

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