Wednesday 6 June 2012

Five Minute Abchat - Cameron Blair

Cameron Blair, Director of Social Media and Digital at Wilkinson PR in Australia, and Regional Director Asia Pacific for IPREX takes some time to answer the Abchat questions from down under.


What did you want to be when you grew up?
A politician, but don’t tell anyone.

How did you get into PR and more specifically social media?
After travelling around the world and working as a press photographer in Asia, I moved back to Australia and started developing and designing websites. Not long after, social media for business became very popular, so I started including that in my services.

A year or so later, the recession hit and it wasn’t very kind. Shortly after I met Peter and Claire from Wilkinson Group and they hired me to work on IPREX.

The agency began to grow and we were retained to do more social/ digital media work, so that became a full-time role. So, I suppose, like many of us, I fell into this craft by accident.

Cameron Blair
Describe your role in ten words or less (if that’s possible!)
Oversee social media strategy and assist companies with everything digital.

If I wasn’t talking to you now, what would you be doing?
Sitting in a pub, thinking about why I never become a politician?

What is the most interesting thing about your work?
Being paid to use Facebook and Twitter all day? Well, that might be one cool aspect.

I think the most exciting thing about working in PR is the satisfying feeling of helping people overcome communication problems, developing strategies, convincing marketing directors that your ideas will benefit them, having your ideas shot to pieces, going to bed, waking up and doing it all again in the morning.

Is there a common misconception about PR?
Let’s put it this way. Success has many fathers, but failure only has PR consultants. That would be the biggest misconception.

What developments do you expect to see in the next twelve months?
I think we’ll see more Chinese businesses moving into overseas markets, which will create opportunities for PR agencies.

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