Thursday 3 May 2012

Gorkana Breakfast Briefing with Martin Barrow, Health Editor, The Times

With a growing stable of life science and med tech clients, the thoughts and general musings of the person responsible for The Times newspapers health and social care coverage was bound to be, not only interesting but relevant to many of our clients. The two Olivers, Oli and Olly made the journey across town to the West End and the fantastic lecture hall at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to hear what Martin had to say.

Martin Barrow has been Health Editor at The Times since November 2011, but started working for The Times over 21 years ago. His first role at the paper was on the business desk where he worked for 12 years, followed by spells as foreign news editor and home editor before taking charge of the two person health team. With such a wealth of experience behind him the hour he was given looked unlikely to suffice.

Rather than repeating what Gorkana has very helpfully written up here it was incredibly interesting to hear what Martin covers in detail, the host of issues he is currently interested in, how he likes to work and what he looks for in a story. He also highlighted the benefits of online coverage in The Times, despite being behind a paywall, the website has over 120,000 paying subscribers who actively engage with the paper and explore new content.

Thanks again to Gorkana for organising this and a full review of the meeting can be found on Gorkana PR via this link.

Oliver Hibberd

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