Thursday 27 October 2011

Institutional Investors in AIM Breakfast 2011

On Thursday 20th October Julian, Jo, Quincy and Oliver attended the Institutional Investors in AIM 2011 breakfast, organised by Vitesse media.
Whilst the equity markets have continued to be incredibly volatile, the fact that Vitesse’s report revealed that institutional investors still have some £37.3 billion invested in AIM, up from £32.7 billion last year, should give all those involved within AIM some much needed confidence leading into next year.

With the continued malaise within the eurozone, it should not come as much of a surprise that institutions such as Blackrock and Henderson Global Investors are focusing their investments on emerging markets. Africa in particular, with its wealth of natural resources and minerals, has attracted a lot of investor interest, similarly, Asia and South America.

Following the presentation of the report, the breakfast provided all the attending advisers with an opportunity to network and it was great to see lots of familiar faces. The concluding remark of the report, that 54% of AIM is still owned by institutions, reiterated to all that even in tougher markets, there remains an active investor interest in growth companies with strong investment stories and quality management teams.

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