Friday 25 February 2011

Rosenblatt’s New Energy Awards 2011

On the 24th February, Abchurch hosted a table at the New Energy Awards 2011 where Acta, an Abchurch client was nominated for the ‘Company of the Year’ award.

These days, the awards are THE place to be seen for the great and the good of the cleantech world with well over 700 people attending. About four years ago, they were held in a hotel with approximately 300 people. The ceremony is now held in the Natural History Museum, with tables based around the iconic skeleton of the Diplodocus.

However, the highlight of the evening was a talk by Henry Worsley who led the Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition to the South Pole last year. The images of the Southern Polar cap and changing landscapes bought home the important role the cleantech sector has in preserving places such as this. Henry showed fascinating pictures of the Shackleton expedition 100 years ago which included taking a car as well as horses along for the ride! The horses did prove useful of course, but the car did not last very long in sub zero degrees.

Unfortunately Acta did not win but there is always next year when I am sure the awards would have grown even larger, reflecting the increasing size and spread of the cleantech sector. The winners also gave a hint as to which technologies to keep an eye on over the coming year and they ranged from wave power to smart meters. The latter is a sure reality for everyone because the Government aims to have every home in the UK equipped with one by 2020.

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