Monday 1 June 2009

Heather's IPREX Diary: Google

We all traipsed onto the IPREX bus for a blind tour of NY to Lower Manhattan and we got out at a decrepit old factory - the old Nabisco warehouse. With no signage whatsoever, we ascended strong metal train track staircase to the vanguard of multimedia – Google. Once we entered this mysterious company, we toured the chalk boards, scooters, graffiti art and even a slide! It was a tour of mixed feelings. Did work actually happen here? Did we think they were too cool for school? Does the lackadaisical attitude spurn productivity? It didn't look much like the Abchurch office and most of us seethed with bitter jealousy!!

The presentations enlightened us to the vast variety of tools available to us with Google – tools that help PRs do Peer Group analysis and measurement and evaluation and some of which we use at Abchurch already. The ethos depends on the wisdom of crowds driving innovation. Many studies were used to exemplify the power of Google. Like Bloomberg, there is a distinct ethos at Google which all employees like and adopt.


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