Thursday 2 April 2009

British Press Awards

To the British Press Awards Dinner at the Grosvenor where I was invited as a guest of Farrer &Co., leading media lawyers. Jon Snow of swingometer fame came straight from his Channel Four news spot with a great speech to present these most prestigious awards.

- The Times won three awards including National Newspaper of the Year- Sam Jones of the FT was highly commended in the Young Journalists of the Year category but was pipped to the post by Tom Harper of the Mail on Sunday
- Digital Journalist of the Year was Dave Hill of the Guardian, the title that also picked up the Website of the Year Award
- Business and Finance Journo of the Year went to Stephen Foley of the Independent
- Gillian Tett of the FT picked up the coveted Journalist of the Year award for her early take on the economic meltdown

The hacks lived up to their alcoholic haze image but let themselves down slightly by giving their winning colleagues a standing ovation each time one them returned to a table with the relevant gong, but then sat and chatted whilst the International Journalist of The Year prize, won by Mohammad Sadegh Kaboudvand, went uncollected because he is doing a ten year stretch in an Iranian prison for the writings that won him the prize - shame on them for not acknowledging that.

There was hot debate on the table as to whether it was technically possible for the Mail on Sunday to win “Scoop of the Year” for its coverage of Ross & Brand. How you can “scoop” something that has already been broadcast on national radio tested the top media law brains!

Congratulations to the winners, a full list can be found here.


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