Monday 9 March 2009

GCI’s Spotlight on AIM

Heather and Bozzy attended the Growth Company Investor Spotlight on AIM breakfast last week. The annual survey of London’s junior market produced some characteristically enlightening statistics:

Companies valued below £20m: 71% (2007: 53%)
New Aim issues: 70 (2007: 222, 2005: 438)
Fund raising for admissions: £903m (2007: £6.25bn)
Delistings: 228 (2007: 224)
Total number of AIM companies: 1,550 (at year end 08)
Total market cap of AIM companies fell by 61% to £37.7bn (2007: £98bn)
Best share price performers
1. Avisen (formerly Z Group)
2. Tepnel Life Sciences
3. Ramco Energy
4. Futuragene

Sector wise there has been great change. The oil and gas, mining and real estate sectors have fallen in value particularly whilst general financial pips all three to be the most populous and high value sector on AIM.

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