Friday 20 February 2009

Team Abchurch make a Sterling effort at the Quiz

“Obviously, we deliberately answered the questions incorrectly so that we wouldn’t embarrass the bankers, otherwise they wouldn’t bring us deals” – very convincing Henry. Sadly Abchurch didn’t quite make it to first place at the Sterling Quiz on Thursday, but we definitely would have won the rowdiest table award (there was much cheering to celebrate Jack’s flashes of brilliance). The Abchallengers, determined not to be utterly humiliated, seconded Jo to the Collins Stewart table as an honorary member of team 'What's "financial"?' she did her best to lead them astray by feeding them the wrong answers. Steph offered to help Investec find alternative careers as a boyband (X-Factor here we come!), and insisted that they practice their dance moves in Abacus later on…

Heather and Toppers didn’t exactly lead the team to victory, but did provide much entertainment during the battle against the likes of Evolution, Fairfax, Noble, and RBS. Toppers’ music knowledge was invaluable, and we got an intriguing insight into what he was up to in the early 90’s…

A huge thank you to Sterling for such a fun night (although we missed PM desperately)!

Team Abchurch

Photo: Oberazzi on Flickr

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